Combat Games 2019
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Dear Delegations, Dear Participants,

ISF is glad to launch its second edition of the ISF Combat Games in Budapest, Hungary from 16th to 21th June 2019.

With more than 500 participants representing 19 countries to compete in Judo, Wrestling, Taekwondo and Karate, this event became a must go for our ISF members, where different sport communities have the opportunity to gather in a friendly atmosphere.

I would like to thank the Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) for taking up the challenge to host this multisport event. I am sure that this edition will be a stepping stone for the evolution of this recent ISF competition.

I would like to emphasize that the cooperation with our International Federation partners was crucial and will serve the fantastic experience that our school sport athletes will live there.

I look forward to seeing yet another fantastic competition.

Best of luck to all the competing nations!


Laurent Petrynka
International School Sport Federation

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Dear Guests, Dear Athletes,

On behalf of Hungarian School Sport Federation, I am delighted to welcome You to the ISF COMBAT Games 2019. Beside my professional sport carrier in pentathlon, COMBAT sports always played an important role in my civil life, so since the end of my sports carrier I have been doing COMBAT sports with a huge enthusiasm on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to host this exciting competitions of school sport in Budapest.

This year Budapest became the European Capital of Sport, therefore much attention is being paid to sport events. There are hundreds of competitions, mass and grassroots sport events attracting our attention in 2019. Among youth sport competitions the ISF COMBAT Games counts one of the most important events in Budapest, all the Hungarian wrestling, karate, taekwondo and judo clubs and junior athletes are excited about the upcoming event. With the ISF COMBAT Games 2019 we offer a high-profile competition to them in the popular sport venues of Budapest, the multifunctional “BOK” Hall and Körcsarnok.

I am sure the venue will give you a special competing experience, and each of you will be charmed by our fantastic capital, regardless of the results. When preparing the cultural programs, we tried to pack as many attractions into this short visit as possible, to give you a chance to discover Budapest, at least to some extent.

I hope everyone will be able to perform his or her best at the competition, the rankings will be the results of fair and exciting battles. I also hope that everyone will have a great experience beyond the sport venues and will travel home with wonderful memories from Hungary.

I wish you a great competition in this manner and ask you to have at a great time in Budapest!


Gábor Balogh
Hungarian School Sport Federation

Main patrons

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László Palkovics, Dr.

Minister for Innovation and Technology
Ministry for Innovation and Technology

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Dear Athletes, Organisers and Sports Lovers!

I was delighted to accept the request of the Hungarian School Sport Federation to be the patron of the International School Sport Federation’s (ISF) 2019 Combat Games.

The Hungarian Government is fully dedicated to host as many popular international sports events as it can, and governed by this objective more and more world competitions are held in Hungary year by year.

Since we all truly believe that the care and effort we contribute to the development of our youth reaches a positive impact in all the nation, it is particularly pleasing to organise youth sports events. We are dedicated to raising a healthier and more athletic generation to become a real sporty nation.

The mere fact that Hungary can organise such substantial school sports event now for the third time in just four years, clearly shows what a success were the ISF Cross Country World Championship in 2016, and the ISF Swimming World Championship in 2017, separately. The event coordinating skills we presented at these occasions must have contributed to winning the bid of organising this year’s competition as well.

Such a high-profile international school sports event always provides a great possibility for being introduced to new cultures and contestants from all over, and also permits an excellent opportunity to show our hospitality. Moreover, our country can be introduced to the competitors, those who accompany them and to their fans. I am most assured that the organisers turn a special attention to the 500 athletes in this context as well.

We wish all the young athletes good and fair competition.

Hungary shows a high interest in all four sports involved in this world championship, as we have participants in karate, judo, taekwondo, and wrestling as well. It is always both a pleasure and also a responsibility competing in your home country, so hereby I wish all our athletes to enjoy the benefits of the home field, being with a Hungarian audience and strive fairly to give their best performance.


Tünde Szabó, Dr.
Secretary of State for Sports
Ministry of Human Capacities


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Dear guests from all over the world!

I would like to welcome all participants of the 2019 ISF Combat Games with great pleasure and respect on behalf of the Municipality of Budapest.

It is an honour that Budapest is hosting an outstanding ISF event for the third time in four years.

I truly believe that we can attribute the successes of these prestigious sport actions not only to the unique environment and excellent infrastructural conditions but also to the citizens’ love of sports in Budapest and the rich leisure program potential of our capital as well.

We did not regard it a coincidence that our capital, Budapest, as a sport loving and a real sporty city,  has been awarded the prestigious title ‘European Capital of Sport’ for the year 2019.

In the last couple of years we have proved that we were not only highly attentive hosts of the most favoured world competitions, but also that Budapest was indeed a home of sports for pupils and junior sportsmen alike. Year by year Hungarian athletes achieve excellent results at international competitions, so, based on their performance, young people may consider them as role models.

We are proud to say that regular physical activity and health conscious lifestyle became a part in the daily lives of more and more citizens of Budapest.

I would like to say thanks to the Hungarian School Sport Federation for organising the 2019 ISF Combat Games – since that has allowed our young talents to get another opportunity to compete on the  international field.

Besides taking their serious part in the various acts of the competitions, athletes and their companions visiting us may engage themselves with a sparkling leisure and cultural life in Budapest.  We hope young athletes here will store and carry with themselves many and really nice memories about Budapest to their families and friends all around the world.

I wish you all an exciting and successful competition, not just speaking for myself but also on behalf of the Municipality of Budapest.


Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky
deputy mayor of Budapest

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Dear Athletes and Supporters,

It is always an honour if Budapest can be the venue of a most noble and outstanding sport event.

This year, Budapest, the ’European Capital of Sport’ welcomes numerous sport events. The ISF Combat Games is particularly precious to me because of two main reasons, therefore I was excited to become patron of the championship.

Firstly, I value combat games because of the priceless skills and knowledge I could gain from experts of combat sports in the past 29 years. I truly believe that we need to convey the values and the art of combat sports to the next generations. Every single moment of a fair fight, even realising our own weaknesses, teach us priceless lessons of a lifetime. Regardless of the result, it gives us strength and empowers us, as all contests help us to fulfil our lives.

Secondly, it is a pleasure to see young athletes compete at the ISF Combat Games. Young people are the key to the future we believe in and for which we are working. Young athletes experiencing respectful, fair fights will form our communities and society to become more fair in the future.

The four sports involved in the ISF World School Championships held in Budapest in the summer of 2019 are judo, karate, taekwondo and wrestling. I wish you all a successful competition and joyful moments during the Combat Games.


Dr. István Simicskó PhD
government commissioner
president, Defence Sports Association

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Szilárd Németh

President of Hungarian Wrestling Federation

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László Tóth, Dr.

President of Hungarian Judo Federation

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János Mészáros, Dr.

President of Hungarian Karate Federation

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Miklós Patakfalvy

President of Hungarian Taekwondo Federation