ISF World Schools Combat Games

    Judo (wikt:柔道 jūdō, meaning "gentle way") was originally created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano (嘉納治五郎) as a physical, mental, and moral pedagogy in Japan. It is generally categorized as a modern martial art, which later evolved into a combat and Olympic sport. Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the objective is to either throw or takedown an opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent with a pin, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a choke. Strikes and thrusts by hands and feet as well as weapons defenses are a part of judo, but only in pre-arranged forms (kata, 形) and are not allowed in judo competition or free practice (randori, 乱取り). A judo practitioner is called a judoka.The philosophy and subsequent pedagogy developed for judo became the model for other modern Japanese martial arts that developed from koryū (古流, traditional schools).

    Registered countries


    Nr.Name of the countryJudo boysJudo girls
    1   Brazilxx
    2   Chinese Taipeixx
    3   Francexx
    4   Hungaryxx
    5   Maltax
    6   Russiaxx
    7   Ukrainexx
    8   United Arab Emiratesx
    County total:86

    Sport disciplines and weight categories


    Weight category

    SportsCategoryGenderYear of birthNumber of players per teamWeight category
    JudoSelectedBoys2002-2003-2004Min: 1 – Max: 8 -50kg
    -90kg +90kg
    SelectedGirls2002-2003-2004Min: 1 – Max: 8 -40kg
    -70kg +70kg


    Composition of a team in judo

    Maximum number of judokas: 16

    Maximum number of coaches: 4

    International referee per delegation: 1 (compulsory)

    Divided as follows:

    Boys: Max. 1 judoka per weight category; 1 coach up to 4 judokas, 2 coaches up to 8 judokas.

    Girls: Max. 1 judoka per weight category; 1 coach up to 4 judokas, 2 coaches up to 8 judokas.



    Time duration rules shall follow the provisions related to the cadet category outlined in art. 1.11 of the IJF Sports and Organisation Rules.


    Sport equipment

    In general, according to the sport rules of each international sport federations.


    Sport Schedule

    Provisional sport schedule based on the nominations will be published later.

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